FAQ - Voice

What is cloud communications?

Cloud communications are Internet-based voice and data communications where telecommunications applications provide a complete telecom framework that works over the internet.

How can I set up call conferencing for my account?

You have to create one IVR from “NEW” button on the dashboard. A new IVR will be created. Then click on “edit/create call flow” where you will be able to see 12 widgets. You can drag the conference widget from the list to the add widget bar. It will ask for a 4 digit conference pin number which you have to enter. Then click save and assign the numbers to the conferencing panel. Now you have successfully set up call conferencing for your account.

What is missed call solutions?

Missed call services allows you to give a call to a number that will automatically disconnect after two rings. This service can be used for auto call back and auto reply SMS.

What is click to call?

It is a fIt is used to make calls to customers with the click of a call button in case a call from customer is missed by agent or the caller.

What is IVR?

IVR is an automated response system where you can set a flow for response in accordance with the user inputs and also for forwarding the call to agents or respective departments.

Do you only provide Telephone number or toll free number?

We provide both telephone numbers and toll free numbers.


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