Bulk messaging campaigns can't get easier than this !!! Bulk messaging is a great way to get your mobile marketing up and running. We offer a fully flexible and a feature packed Bulk Messaging solution. Dynamic SMS API's to help integrate with any database. A powerful set of features like batch scheduler, Unicode, DND lookup and campaigner. We guarantee a great coverage and an automated delivery report and analytics. Hundreds of leading enterprise giants trust us with their heavy traffic. Ice Cubes is a great place to kick start your campaigns and direct marketing!

  1. Awesome Design.
  2. Round the clock delivery.
  3. Instant Delivery.
  4. Analytics.
  5. Fully Responsive.
  6. Enhance your customer base.

SMS - Two way communication(Long code and Short code)

Short codes a great way to send out a burst of messages in matter of seconds. It is a great A2P messaging platform with a great throughput coupled with an option of shared and dedicated code. It works seamlessly and has glitch free delivery. SMS Short codes are great way to seal your brand identity.

Long code if you are going global or even if you are keeping it local! If you are looking for an easy set up at the most frugal costs go LONG CODE! Long codes will be up and running within 24 hrs. Its very scalable when it comes to handling huge message volumes. It's a great P2P messaging platform for voice, text and fax.

Keywords also play a predominant role in bridging the ways in which customer can interact with the company. These are nothing complex but a unique word or a phrase which can be used by the customers to share an opinion with the help of a short code. This feature comes with a diversity of utilities as you can directly enrol a customers in your database in case they send opt in message. Keywords also gives the efficacy to monitor which of the marketing advertisements actually prove to be more effective and accordingly restructure the marketing campaigns.


Voice communication has evolved! The next gen Voice on cloud is here! Voice now comes packed with cutting edge applications, versatile API's and IVR. Businesses are best to invest in voice for the long run The humble phone may have evolved beyond bounds over the past decade, but its purpose remains the same till today and will remain the same for the foreseeable future. The conventional meaning for the word "call" has perished. "CALL" now revolves around telephony. Voice-calling is the most used feature on any phone, be it a smart or a simple budget phone. Enterprises should make the most of voice-calling to grab customers. Voice-calling is simple, straight-forward and flexible. SI voice platform provides you with premier quality of voice service and glitch free connectivity. Blizz Infinity voice platform offers an array of features that integrate with the latest technologies and make your calling experience bliss.

  1. Bulk Voice Services.
  2. Missed Call & Call back Service.
  3. IVR - The voice behind the call.


Looking for a reliable web design company! Ice Cubes is a trusted company to accomplish the custom website design requirements. A greatly designed website is certainly the most important requisite for a business owner, who enters into the online business world and wants to offer 100% satisfaction to his customers.

We offer wide variety of Website Design services including:
  1. Responsive Web Design.
  2. Web Portal Design.
  3. Dynamic Website Design.
  4. Custom Web Design.
  5. Template Design.
  6. Static Website Design.
  7. Corporate Website Design.
  8. Customised Template Design.