What is transactional service?

By using this service, you can roll out text messages to people who have subscribed your service. The nature of content will be purely transactional/informative in nature.

What is promotional service?

This service is useful in rolling out promotional content or messages to promote your business/ product etc to people. Note: Promotional messages can’t be sent to DND numbers.

Difference between promotional & transactional service?

Promotional: Sender-id not required. Template approval not required. Any kind of SMS can be sent
Transactional: Sender-id required. Template approval required. Only transactional SMS can be sent

What is Unicode?

It is a feature that allows you to send messages in different languages. The messages that are sent in languages other than English are called as Unicode messages.

What is opt-in service?

Opt in service refers to the element of choice you offer to your customers for receiving updates, promotions or roll into a service provided by your company.If a client wants to send SMS from transactional route to unknown subscriber then he need to request the subscribers to opt. Subscriber can send an SMS with keyword to provided number. Once subscriber send an SMS he would be considered under Option group and would be liable to receive SMS.


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